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Somosaffiliates offers to their partners 3 different brands for On Line Products. Our team has many years of operation experience in the gaming market. Our products are highly developed to accomplish all customers requirements from Latam Markets.

Bonuses for new customers with deposit in the month.



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Natasha Marló Lima, Perú
I started comparing lottery sites by chance through my blog. I discovered that companies like Somosaffiliates are real and pay punctually for my information.
Karla Suarez Lima, Perú
It has been a pleasant experience to start with this new project, as it is a new brand we have won both parts.
Carlos Torres Lima, Perú
The advice from the first moment was very close. I feel that my passion for soccer starts to generate profits.
Carmen Vargas Lima, Perú
I am happy that Somosaffiliates promotes the monetization of the work of many sports influencers in Latin America. It is a good opportunity to work with a serious company.
Jorge Gutierrez Lima, Perú
The products are well developed for the Latin market, it makes it easier for us to generate profits.
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Frequently asked questions


1. What do I need to become an affiliate?

It is very simple, you only need to promote and bring traffic to any of our web pages through different tools such as: Social Networks, Blogs, Videos, Mailing, etc.

2. How can I join?

Select the product you want to promote, register and we will contact you to confirm the affiliation.

3. How are the earnings calculated?

The profit that you would take will be a percentage of the loss in the bets of the players that join through your network. For more information check the terms and conditions Here

4. How do I control all new players referred by me?

All our affiliates have a promotional identification code and a tracking ID (btag) that is embedded in the tracking link. Either of the two options you can use in all communications and banners you post. Your new referrals will click and from that moment you will have a follow-up where you will be able to verify if you performed the determined actions established for the affiliates.

5. How will they pay me?

They are paid 7 of the following month. Example: commissions for the month of November are paid on December 7. In addition, commissions are paid from 100 EUR per month.

6. How do I verify my earnings?

You will have access to the system where in real time you can verify the result of your earnings.

7. What commission do you work with?

We work with the revenue share commission.

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